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Great people are at the center of Lucas. Our city is composed of great people. We must work to keep our citizens engaged and invested in our community.  ​Let us build our sense of community by continuing to bring our people together.  

​With some of the economic hardships many of our businesses – especially our small businesses – have faced recently, it is important that the regulations we implement help promote business’s ability to recover quickly and succeed long-term.  We need to retain and create job opportunities so our citizens can live and work in Lucas.

​We need to encourage more community involvement and volunteering in local programs and look for new opportunities to partner with groups to help meet the needs of all our citizens, from the youth to our seniors.  

​ I believe the increased use of technology and innovative approaches will enhance our quality of life. We should evaluate new opportunities to bring people together right where they live, work, and already spend time.

One example was throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Lucas was able to conduct more meetings with online technology that increased the accessibility to our government to many who may not have had the ability to make it to a meeting in person. This allowed more citizens to provide feedback to the Council during meetings on important issues that matter most to them without having to be physically present at City Hall. I support continuing to provide opportunities that will allow an increase in number and diversity of viewpoints being able to be expressed at Council meetings and commission meetings.


Lucas has always placed the highest priority on keeping our people safe and has earned its well-respected reputation. I support helping equip the Lucas Fire Rescue and the Collin County Sheriff’s Department with the necessary resources to continue to provide a high level of service with low response times for our citizens. I support the continued hiring of a highly qualified Sheriff’s force and Fire Department.

​We should ensure that both organizations obtain the highest level of training so all personnel are prepared to meet the changing needs of our citizens and to respond to new scenarios that may arise within Lucas.

​I support regular evaluations of population growth, population distribution and population demographics within Lucas to ensure that our city maintains appropriate coverage of fire and sheriff service to help keep our families, businesses, and property safe. 

​Also, I believe we should promote safety on our trails and parks: maintaining effective lighting in high-use areas and installing safety trail markers to the parks and trails in Lucas.  We should encourage increased usage of community policing and more opportunities for citizens to engage with and build positive relationships with our officers. 


I think Lucas is a “hidden gem” in Collin County. We have a unique blend of big city amenities and a small city environment. It has always been a thriving and vibrant community that people have chosen to call home. We need to keep Lucas a place we all want to call home for years to come.

​Let’s promote reinvestment in mature neighborhoods and investment in new neighborhoods to ensure the long-term health and integrity of our city’s housing and land availability.  
We should invest in the important infrastructure in and around our neighborhoods such as roads, streets, and sidewalks to help ensure they are well-kept and convenient.  

​We need to find new ways to engage neighborhoods, especially those without a formal association.  We need to adapt programs based on community need. We should build strong neighborhood identity and a sense of community through the creation of unique gathering spaces within our neighborhoods.

We should promote the use of high-quality building materials, innovative design, and the use of green space in zoning cases that come before Council. I would like to see unique art elements from local artists throughout our parks and city.


I am so proud that my sons are the product of Lucas’s excellent schools and education. We must work closely with the six-school districts within our city (Allen, Lovejoy, McKinney, Plano, Princeton, and Wylie). We need to listen to the people who are in the schools and the families cultivating our children’s love of learning.  We need to ensure that proposed solutions are solving the identified problems. We must rely on accurate data and be transparent with reporting to make decisions that allow all students to achieve their potential.

My boys have also achieved and benefited from the academic programs in Lucas. I believe it is one of the best, after sitting in the stadiums for many Friday nights watching our teams compete with the surrounding schools.  We love the passion of the sport’s staff and teachers here!

We need to help our school students overcome the emotional and physical challenges that they face.  Our students are overworked and are struggling to cope with the pressures of a highly competitive education system and everyday social pressures. Middle school and high school should be a time to develop social skills and long-lasting relationships with other students while still having fun as a teenager. Unfortunately, the reality is that students are having issues and are unable to adequately cope with mounting pressures and high expectations.


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